Pink & Loom on the Moon


Foundation director Martin Reiner met with Karel Poupě and Radovan Síbrt, who (together with Alžbětová Karásková) form the Pink production group in Prague, and have created a number of great audiovisual exhibitions in their twelve years of existence.

The latest of these is one of the largest multimedia installations in the world (110 metres of continuous projection) titled Moments of History at the National Museum in Prague. They collaborated with Martin and Lenka Hejl's Loom on the Moon studio on this one – and the great news is that they are ready to participate with the same line-up for the museum's Holocaust Documentation Centre in Moravia.

We couldn't have gotten anyone better in the Czech Republic to work with, and although all the hard work is still ahead of us, we are looking ahead with great optimism and joy and look forward to it!