The Endowment Fund established


We had a press conference scheduled for March 30th 2020 at the Slavia Hotel, with all five members of the Endowment Fund Board taking part. Jakub Kynčl was supposed to talk things out from the architect’s point of view, Vitek Mádr was to take pictures of it all. This was where we wanted to introduce the Moravian Holocaus Documentation Center (MHDC) to the public. Then the first board meeting was to be called. On our agenda, we had, among other things, a few formalities necessary for entering our Endowment Fund in the Foundation Register, which in turn was necessary for setting up a transparent account, etc.

But, alas, man proposes, coronavirus disposes… The press conference was cancelled , the Board meeting and election took place online. Senator Nicholas Bek was unanimously elected the first chairperson of the Endowment Fund Board.

We had sealed the deal with Filip Schwarzenstein notary stamp on April Fool’s Day 2020.

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