Brno City Assembly have approved a Memorandum of Cooperation


On May 12th 2020, the first and one of the most important phases of the MHDC project was completed.

Fifteen months after Martin Reiner, a Brno writer and Michal Konečný, a historian, had talked about the “Holocaust documentation centre” in Brno’s beer bar Na stojáka for the first time, the Brno City assembly have unanimously approved a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) on the MHDC, signed by the mayor, JUDr. Margaret Vaňková,’ on behalf of the City, and Martin Reiner, the director of the Endowment Fund, who will take charge in the project.

The MoC is important for two reasons: Firstly, the City has made a binding commitment to provide a building plot, a prerequisite for anything to be created, as many agree, and secondly, with the signing of the MoC the Endowment Fund’s negotiating power in future dealings with other parties will be increased.

With the city’s unequivocal support, the MHDC project will be able to advance with steady strides towards its goal.

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